The Imperiia Project: a spatial history of the Russian Empire

Supplement: themes, threads, and through-lines

Have you found yourself wondering about the connections and commonalities among the hundreds of locations mentioned in the Handbook itineraries? 

So have we.

And so we pulled together this interactive tag cloud. It is not exhaustive: surely we have missed a few features unintentionally. We also left a few features off the list quite intentionally, including military barracks and government offices.

Why? Well, we felt such editorial decisions were in keeping with the spirit of the plans themselves, which offer not an exhaustive mapping of each town, but rather a skimming across the surface of the empire's urban space. Remember, these plans were created to expose the sites most likely to attract the tourist's eye. They would have puzzled locals, who would have wondered why the bread shops and offices and workshops where they spent their days had vanished from view.

Contents of this tag: