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Atlas of Fruits

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The magnificent Atlas of Fruits (Атлас плодов: сто хромалитографированныж таблиц сизображением 109 лучщих или наибольее распространенныхв России промышленных сортов яблок, груш и косточковых..., СПб 1906) was edited by Adam Stanislavovich Grebnitskii on behalf of the Imperial Russian Society of Fruit Cultivators. The society was established in 1857; Grebnitskii, who would become a leading botanist and horticulturalist, was born the same year. In 1900 he published an edition of Bolotov's "Illustration and description of all sorts of apples" and this work led into the production of the Atlas.

The Atlas extends across 675 pages organized into four sections. It contains an index of fruits and an index of the individuals who contributed articles and commentaries.

This gallery contains the 30 entries associated explicitly with Crimea. In some cases, Crimea is mentioned in the opening paragraph as a primary cultivation site. In other cases Crimea is mentioned in the commentaries submitted by society members throughout the empire. Correspondents from Simferopol, Odessa, and Moscow (where the biggest fruit markets were located) tend to be the best sources of information regarding Crimean fruits.

Timeline of Fruit Cultivation in Crimea

The Atlas of Fruits contains notes on when varieties were identified or introduced. The dates are often approximate: the timeline is a rough description of the proliferation of market-worthy fruits. 

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