The Imperiia Project: a spatial history of the Russian Empire

Wild (Sweet) Cherry

Черешня; prunus avium

Prevalence in tree population: 4% (623 trees)
Occurrence rate: 76%

Wild cherry, also known as sweet cherry, had a substantial presence in the gardens of Mishati and Kuchuk Uzen. 25% of all sweet cherries were near Kuchuk Uzen, and 29% near Sudak.

Karl Gablits identifies the tree as guignier (a French term based on the old Celtic word kign) - known throughout Europe as sweet cherry or wild cherry. It is an uncultivated tree that spreads, naturally, through forests.

Where did imperial officials count trees?

Move your cursor over the map below. White rectangles will appear showing the locations of villages with orchards containing sweet cherries.

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