The Imperiia Project: a spatial history of the Russian Empire

Sparks your curiosity, right?

But how can you find answers if you aren't sure what questions to ask?

Try selecting a question from the list below and using the maps to find the answer. Fair warning #1: the questions are straightforward and require no knowledge of imperial history to answer. Fair warning #2: extracting information from maps requires careful observation and extracting information from interactive maps requires lots of clicking.

Then – this is the fun part – ask yourself what factors might explain what you found. Compose two or three hypotheses or research questions (in other words, questions that begin with the words “why” or “how”), and start digging into the history books. We recommend you run, don't walk, to the library to find Cathy Frierson’s groundbreaking All Russia is Burning! A cultural history of fire and arson in late Imperial Russia (University of Washington Press, 2002).

Question Bank

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