The Imperiia Project: a spatial history of the Russian Empire


Do you enjoy looking at pictures? Are you good at finding patterns? Have you been known to pick a needle out of a haystack from time to time? Then this is the game for you!

In each round, you will be confronted with a question. And you will be presented with a number of cards that hold the answer. You can scroll through the cards, as if holding them in your hand, or scroll down the screen to see them all laid out on the page.


Do I need to know anything about Russian history to play (and/or win)?
No. Truly. All you need is the power of observation.

Do I need to read Russian to play (and/or win)?
No. Truly. This game draws on the pictorial content. Not the text.

I decided to be brave and play a round. Where can I find the answer?
You will find the solution lurking at the bottom of the page. (You will click on a link to get the answer - scrolling down will not spoil the fun.)

Good luck, have fun, and check in again soon as more rounds will be posted throughout September and October!

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