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(Plant) Family Portraits

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The plants described in the Flora Odessa belong to 87 different families. As you can see from the bubble viz below, the distribution was anything but even. Your eye will be drawn at first to the Sunflowers, Legumes, and Mustards, but use the filter to draw out the more boutique families: sometimes, and especially in the world of biodiversity studies, rarity and significance go hand in hand.

To make the families more relatable we collected botanical illustrations from the open-access Biodiversity Heritage Library, Harvard's CURIOSity Digital Collections, the Royal Botanic Gardens' Plants of the World Online, and from Each family attested in the Flora is represented by the illustration of a single species. Hover over an image to reveal the family name or click to open the media file. 

Each illustration contains a source link to the digital edition of the original publication, where you can learn more about the author/artist(s) and admire a wider variety of illustrations for each plant family. For geographic accuracy, we chose an illustration of a species that actually occurs in Ukraine.

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