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Lake Onega

Short Universal Geography
Dimensions: 210 versts long, 80 versts wide
Primary inflows: the Vytegra and Volga rivers
Primary outflows: the Svir River
What to remember: "Lake Onega is second in size to Lake Ladoga."

New and Complete Geographical Dictionary
Toponym: Onezhskoe ozero
Location: in Olonets Namesnichestvo between Lake Ladoga and the White Sea
Dimensions: 200 versts long, 60-80 versts wide
Primary inflows: Vytegra River (from the east)
Primary outflows: the Svir River
What to remember:
The upper reaches of the Vytegra are close to those of the Kovsha River, which flows into White Lake (Belo ozero): Badoga wharf is on the Kovsha, just 40 versts from Vytegorskaia wharf on the Vytegra. The Sheksna River flows from White Lake to the Volga. In other words, the Baltic Sea could be connected to the Caspian Sea in the following way:

the Neva > Lake Ladoga > the Svir River > Lake Onega > the Vytegra River > a canal > the Kovsha River > White Lake (Lake Beloozero) > the Sheksna River > the Volga River

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