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Lake Ladoga

Short Universal Geography
Dimensions: 175 versts long, 105 versts wide
Primary inflows: the Volkhov, Svir, Sias, Pashu, Oiat, and others
Primary outflow: the Neva
What to remember: "Lake Ladoga is the greatest lake in Europe."

New and Complete Geographical Lexicon
Location: between the Gulf of Finland and Lake Onega
Dimensions: 175 versts long and 105 versts wide
Primary outflow: the Neva
What to remember: Lake Ladoga was one of the largest and fish-rich rivers in Europe. Because of the frequent storms and prevalence and unpredictability of shoals, flat-bottomed boats often capsized and were lost. Tsar Peter I therefore decided that it was necessary to build a canal (104 versts by 10 sazhens, with a depth of one and a half sazhens) along the southern shore of the lake, from Shlisel'berg to Novaia Ladoga on the Volkhov River. Work began in 1718 and was complete in 1738.   

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