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The Imperiia Project: a spatial history of the Russian Empire

Ep. 1: Crimea as Queen Victoria Saw It

Have you ever spent an afternoon with a 6-foot long, 4-foot widemap from the 1800s? Neither had my guest hosts. Sarah (a teacher) and Lily (a high school student) arrived at the Harvard map collection not knowing what was in store for them. Little did they know that the map on the table would tell them a story of empires and espionage, or that they were about to become full-fledged map detectives. (full episode description here)

Release date: June X, 2023
Hosts: Kelly O'Neill, Sarah Blout Rosenberg, Lily Grodzins

Production: Sarah Blout Rosenberg, Kelly O'Neill, Yipeng Zhou

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The Map: Military Topographical Map of the Crimean Peninsula

Created by  Major General S. A. Mukhin in 1817; corrected to 1855 from General Schubert's official map. 

Episode Transcript

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