The Imperiia Project: a spatial history of the Russian Empire

What can you learn from a 19th century topo map?

Here is a listing of the places represented on the maps:
  1. Settlements (towns, villages, khutors), often with the number of households designated in numerals. Names of settlements with less than 20 households are italicized. Previous toponyms listed in parenthesis on occasion.
  2. Buildings
  3. Factories (type of factory designated in abbreviation)
  4. Wells
  5. Shoreline contours
  6. Rivers, streams, brooks: shoals, rapids,
  7. Bridges, fords
  8. Places of worship, Cemeteries
  9. Elevation (hachures)
  10. Mounds
  11. Land use: forests, bushes, marshes, salt mines
  12. Windmills

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