The Imperiia Project: a spatial history of the Russian Empire

Climate and Soil Zones

Russia can be separated into ten climate and soil zones:
  1. Northern zone (Severnoe prostranstvo): 
  2. Alaun zone (Alaunskoe prostranstvo):
  3. Baltic zone (Baltijskoe prostranstvo):
  4. Nizmen zone (Nizmennoe prostranstvo):
  5. Carpathian zone (Karpatskoe prostranstvo):
  6. Steppe zone (Stepnoe prostranstvo):
  7. Interior zone (Vnutrennoe prostranstvo):
  8. Urals zone (Ural'skoe prostranstvo):
  9. Caucasian zone (Zakavkazskoe prostranstvo):
  10. Siberian zone (Siberskoe prostranstvo):

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