The Imperiia Project: a spatial history of the Russian Empire

Atlas Russicus

Alternate title (German): Russischer Atlas: Welcher in einer General-Charte und neunzehen Special-Charten das gesamte Russische Reich und dessen angraentzende Laender

Compiled under the direction of Joseph de L'Isle and published by the Academy of Sciences in 1745.

The atlas was issued in Latin and then in German, French, and Russian. It built on the work of Ivan Kirilov but, as Postnikov points out, it "brings together all the geographical discoveries of the early 18th century to give a fuller picture of the entire Empire than shown in the so-called Kirilov atlas. The maps were mostly based on instrumental surveys, geographical descriptions and maps compiled by the Petrine geologists and their successors."

Atlas contents:View the copy of the atlas held and digitized by the Harvard Library

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